This tool provides geographic information about the Hill Country. For more details visit our Maps page or contact us for specific mapping requests.

Featured Data Layers
These layers show the impact of aritficial night light across the Hill Country. Check out the changes around urban areas from 1992 and 2010. HCA is working with local groups to preserve our night skies. Find out more here. Note: layers only available at some scales.
1992 Night Sky Lighting
2010 Night Sky Lighting
General Layers
Rivers and Major Streams
Edwards Aquifer
Physical Environment
Contours (Elevation)
Vegetation Types
Cave Density
Soil Depth
Rivers and Major Streams
Major Watersheds
Minor Watersheds
100-year Floodplain
Edwards Aquifer
Major Aquifers Outcrops
Minor Aquifers Outcrops
Land Trends
Texas Land Trends at Texas A& M University is analyzing the effects of development on rural land use.
2007 % in Wildlife Management
Land Value % Change 1997 to 2007
Water Vulnerability Study
These layers are part of a study to evaluate water quality vulnerability throughout the Hill Country. Please note the layers are not available at all zoom levels. For a description of a layer, put your curson on the layer name below. Find out more about the vulnerability study here.
Surface Water Vulnerability
Groundwater Vulnerability
City Limits
Municipal Utility Districts
Groundwater Management Areas
Groundwater Conservation Districts
School Districts

These data are approximations and are offered without guarantee. For issues, questions, or comments contact

User Tips
Use the tools on the left of the map to navigate or use your mouse by clicking an area to move the map.
To stop the tips from scrolling place your mouse over the tip. Use the arrows to move to other tips.
Zoom in and out with your mouse wheel or the bar on the left of the map.
Check the layers you would like to see on the left of the screen. Remember not to turn on too many at any one time.
For some layers, such as springs, you can get specific information about the map element by clicking on it in the map.
You can scroll over the name of some layers to pull up a key decribing the geographic information.
Click on the catagory of layers you are interested in to the left to find out what layers are available such as "Water".
Not all data is available at all zoom levels. Some data is meant to be seen only at the regional level.
To print a map use the print screen function ctrl + alt + printscreen. Then paste the image in the appropriate program.

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